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Praktek Kerja Lapangan 1
Monday, August 15, 2016 | 0 comments
Halooo udah lama banget ga ngepost hehe
I'm back with new topic "Praktek Kerja Lapangan 1"
Horor banget ga sih judulnya... secara praktek gt wkwk.

Yaah jadi gini yaa dikampus kami ((Poltekkes Kemenkes Malang))
khusus jurusan PMIK alias rekam medis tuh prakteknya tiap semester
mulai dari semester 2-6 banyak amat ga tanggung2
jadi kita praktek gitu di RS yang dipilihin kampus
dan semester2 kali ini saya kebagian di RSUD Dr. Soedarsono Pasuruan

dan sumpah disini enak banget wkwk
terlepas dari kos2an yang cuma punya jeding dikit dengan penghuni seabrek
trus ya dengan orang2 yang usil abis + ganjen bgt so ewhh kzl
terlepas dari duro2 yang kalo ngomong ga aturan kerasnya
terlepas dari panasnya kota Pasuruan sendiri...
praktek di sini bener2 menyenangkan banget!

i want to share some photos because... i just want. KRIK abis.

[left] Aupi, [middle] Indah - My roomates

we look happy! taken in day2

so many mrd in here so i just sit on it-_-v
we are MR!

i got a new friends. they all from Paiton.
i don't really know where it is but they're a nice ehe
from the left first is Ila and second is Reza

we all invited to "Halal Bihalal keluaga RSUD Dr. R. Soedarsono

Our history wall ya Ndah, Pi wkwk

with the most loveable tentor smooch

this called "filing rawat jalan"

we help ibukost/? to make a donuts

i just want to say...
i think falling in love 10000x for Dean xx

today Agust D released! so happy today xoxo

Meet Old Friends
Sunday, December 27, 2015 | 0 comments
in December 26th,2015

Annyeong! Finally i meet all of them! 
Not all... but almost. Sasha was so busy so couldn't attend. Queen already slept-_- and Rere, Ayun, Arum i don't know why she wasn't here. This pict taken when we ate lunch in Jank Jank Wings Lovers.

After we eat we went to MOG then took a photobox. After looked clothes for Yuyun.

We took picture too when we walking around. lol

and  the last we went to Queen's Home. And took so many picture (again) here. HAHA. i just missed them everyday. What a beautiful moment in life/? HAHA /looks like bts/ /key/ /lol/

Surabaya Trip

December 22th i was going to Surabaya. 14.25 my train started to left Malang. 16.19 i was already in Surabaya. First time i stand there is 'why so so so soooo hot!' and 'these people so adorable could live in here' lol. the temperature never less than 33 degree-_- the hottest i never felt is 42... I'm just complain everytime to my sister WHY SURABAYA SO HOT hmm i can't-_-

just forget about the bad temperature. my sister engaged me to sakura park. then the picture is in above. and the happiest thing is so manyy sale hoho i just brought jacket jeans and i just paid idr150 from idr500. YAY!!!
Family Trip
Monday, December 14, 2015 | 0 comments

Yesterday (December 13th) me also family too going trip to Lenggoksono, Kletaan, Bolu bolu, then Banyu Anjlok.YEY! haha. Started from Lenggoksono then went to Kletaan by a boat. Then we snorkling there... Snorkling:'))))) ok in the first time i just felt like going to die bcs of my scare. My foot just going up bcs under water have a pressure too. The float just going up too-_- i can't breathe bcs i dont know how to use the snorkling tools... Bcs the chaos that we have me the tour guide continue the trip to the Bolu-bolu. Bolu-bolu is more shallow than Kletaan yeah ofc. So i don't fear then finally i did snorkling here!:') so relieve... HAHAHA. After that we going to the Banyu Anjlok.